Marisela and her big cock catch

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Big cock fucking
Marisela is an interesting girl, she looks like a typical blonde babe, but she is very unpredictable about sex. George met her in a bar that night. In their casual chat he just pitched a note about how he have larger cock that average. After she heard that, Marisela literally pull him in a hotel across the street. The rest you can see here.

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Bathroom rampage

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Anal Fucking
Angie is half Asian half Caucasian centerfold. We wanted to shoot her video in the living room, but we caught her in bathroom washing her ass and pussy after peeing. But after she spotted Roger entering in the bathroom, Angie immediately attack him before she even washed her pussy and ass. Of course, Roger is not a shy guy, so the bathtub was an ideal place for him to put his hard dick in her fresh washed holes. Click here to watch the full fucking scene.

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